Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chat with JimBo at 11!

Suggested questions:

--JimBo: if you believe in the Plan, committing to youth and building through the draft, why did you spend your first 2 years here doing the exact opposite--giving up draft picks and prospects for middling to bad free agents like Vinny Castilla and Cristian Guzman?

--JimBo: what were you thinking when you gave up the 32nd pick in the draft and $6.2m to sign old, bad, Coors-inflated Vinny Castilla? Where would we be now if you had kept that pick and drafted Clay Buchholz, Yunel Escobar, Micah Owings, or Chase Headley?

--JimBo: really, what's the deal with all the ex-Reds?

--JimBo: why spend $6m to block Jesus Flores when he was obviously ready now? Isn't the Plan to commit to cheaper, younger players now, and hold off on spending till we're ready to make a run?

--JimBo: pop quiz: how many days to you have to wait to call up a guy you just sent down, assuming there haven't been any injuries in the meantime?

--JimBo: of these pitchers you threw away, whom will you regret most: Armando Galarraga, Darrell Rasner, Scott Downs, or Daryl Thompson?

--JimBo: After Adam Dunn, BJ Ryan, Brett Tomko, and Austin Kearns, who would you say was your best draft pick in Cincinnati (hint: it's not anyone remotely good)?


Anonymous said...

That chat was a total waste of time. He didn't answer a single hard question.

Nationals Fan said...


Brandon said...

Well he did give himself a D for the talent at the majors. He's not illusory, or watching a different team.