Saturday, June 21, 2008

Even I don't believe it... Daryl Thompson beats the Bombers?

OK--First it's Armando Galarraga, then it's.... Daryl Thompson? Mothers, raise your kids to be throw-in arms in Jim Bowden trades. They all seem to pan out these days.

What the hell am I talking about? You may recall (no, actually there's very little chance you recall) that in the widely bally-hooed trade that brought us Felipe Lopez (1.6 VORP), Austin Kearns (-10.5!), and Ryan Wagner (hurt, sparing us the 5.73 ERA) we gave up Bill Bray and Gary Majewski (both of whom went on to take turns getting hurt and crapping the bed for 2 years in Cincinnati), Royce Clayton (bad, old), and back-up IF Brendan Harris. Wait, and some other guy was thrown in... something Thompson. Daryl I think. Or was it Darrell? Who cares. Just a throw in.

Take THAT! The Bowden fans gloated. He fleeced Krivsky for an AS 2-bagger and a soon-to-be AS RF. And he gave up nothing. That deal more than any led to Krivsky getting sacked in April.

I soured on this deal long ago. Kearns and Lopez have been at best among the worst 1/3 of starters at their positions in the league since they came to DC. It seemed less like we robbed the Reds, and more like a Marlon Byrd for Endy Chavez type junk-for-junk deal. Nothing gained, but no harm done.

So how shocked was I to glance at the Yankees box score today, mainly because I own ARod, Mariano, and Matsui in my fantasy league. And damned if they didn't get shut out by the REDS? "Wow, who was pitching, I think... must have been Aaron Harang, or maybe Johnny Cueto found his mojo again. Either way, the way the Bombers have been hitting lately... Wow."

Then, clicking on the box score, I see it... Daryl F-ing Thompson!!! Five shutout innings in his MLB debut in the Bronx. And who comes in for 1.1 shut out innings of his own? Billy F-ing Bray!!! Three guys we didn't trade away completed the shutout. (I guess Narron Baker didn't have the presence of mind to let Majewski close it out and really rub it in.)

If you want, click here on "Thompson's close call" on the "Video" tab in the upper right to watch Thompson strike out Melky Cabrera with the bases loaded on a pitch that looks to me like it moves about 13 feet from left to right (I don't know how to make it link directly to the clip I'm trying to show you like Chris always did on CP. Maybe he'll email me directions?)


Anonymous said...

Narron isn't managing the Reds, but point still very well taken.

Nationals Fan said...

Um, Dusty Baker I meant. How embarrassing.

Everyone said...

We still don't care.

Anonymous said...

Yes we do.