Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fire Jim Bowden blog gets a shout out from WaPo Sports Bog

Thanks Dan!


Anonymous said...

BBTN just ran a piece on "Managers on the Hot Seat" and Manny was mentioned.

seems to me that Manny is being scapegoated.

Nationals Fan said...

No question. Manny's about the last guy associated with this franchise who deserves to take the fall.

Anonymous said...

check out the note on Wily Mo pena, all the way at the bottom.

sound familiar? should make a good blog posting for you.

Bowden's mom said...

Rob Dibble knows more than Steven, and this is what Dibble said when Bowden was fired in Cinci:

"Jim Bowden always got the better end of the deals he made. He knew how to get other GMs to give up their talent in return for whatever he was offering. He did a great job with the Reds on what was mainly a shoestring budget. His firing was a direct result of an ownership that has no clue how to run a baseball team.

It wasn't surprising when Carl Linder, who was a minority owner of the Reds until former majority owner Marge Schott was ousted, told everyone he would return the Reds to prominence. He then spent a ton of money trading for Ken Griffey Jr., but only threw that "spending" theory out the window. Now, he's once again spending next to nothing. I guess he was hoping Bowden could create miracles out of some washed-up pitchers. Personally, I'd take Marge Schott over Carl Linder seven days a week and twice on Sundays. Schott was a shrewd businesswoman who was always accessible to the fans of Cincinnati and was willing to spend top-dollar on free agents. She cared about the product -- the team. Bowden's untimely and unwarranted departure was a direct result of him lacking the funds necessary to win. With a new ballpark, had Bowden been given a little more cash to put a team together, he would still be the general manager.

Bowden is also not solely responsible for the Griffey trade. A few years ago, Griffey was on his way to the Hall of Fame. Now, he'll be lucky to hit 500 home runs in his career. Heck, the Reds built the Great American Ballpark mostly to help Griffey break Hank Aaron's home run record. It's not Bowden's fault the Reds ended up with one of the most fragile players in recent memory."