Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh come now, JimBo, are you REALLY going to blame the injuries? has an article on Bowden and Acta reviewing the season at the mid-point, and Bowden sums up the first half thus:

"As far as the results on the field, it's been a nightmare, let's say it the way it is. The injuries killed us."

Commence eye-rolling, Nats Nation.

Yes, yes. We're down five starters from Opening Day. Not that I need to remind you, but let's look at how this team did with Zimmerman, Johnson, and Kearns in the lineup: from Opening Day to May 13, when Nick, the first of these guys to go down, got hurt, the Nationals were 16-24, a .400 winning percentage that's just a tick below where we are right now.

Oh, and let's also not forget that one of our injuries, LoDuca, has actually been a god-send in that it forced JimBo to finally stop blocking one of the few major league-ready young players in the system. Imagine where we'd be right now if LoDuca had stayed healthy.

The biggest concern I have here is that the Nationals front office is actually believing this nonsense, and that it'll become a reason to excuse JimBo's inability to field an even respectable team in this, his fourth year at the helm.
  • With last night's groin injury to Milledge, the team may have yet another excuse not to hold anyone accountable for this team. At least it helps keep Manny from getting scapegoated.

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