Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OMG I can't believe it I swear I didn't make this up

So I step off the elevator at Cap South Metro today at 11:30 am and who's standing right there.... JIM BOWDEN!!! I swear to god I'm not making this up. I was so flustered I didn't even say hello. And I EVEN HAD A DIGITAL CAMERA ON ME!!! How awesome would that have been? But I swear it was him, although it's a little hard to recognize him not on the Segway. OMG. I really thought he was coming to get me.

Can anyone confirm whether this is at all likely? Like, does he live around there, or would there be a reason for him to drop by the RNC? More to the point, is there any reason to think that if I stalk over there around that time again he might be there, so that I can get an SBF-style grip-and-grin for my blog?


Anonymous said...

so you've made this blog, demanding that Bowden be fired, describing in detail what a rotten job he's doing and how terrible of a GM he is...and then you see him.

and you turn into a fumbling starstruck fanboy?

very nice.

next time you see him, Man Up and tell him that you write a blog calling for his head.

Nationals Fan said...

I know... I totally suck. I'm such a total loser.

But really I wasn't so much starstruck as thinking, "OMG he knows! He's coming after me! He's going to slap me like a girlfriend on a car!"

(OK that was a cheap shot. I never promised I wouldn't take cheap shots. Especially if they're funny.)