Friday, June 20, 2008

Vote for Bowden in the "Worst GM" blog poll

The people over at, a good Mets and general baseball blog, have been counting down the worst GMs in baseball, and so far have put together a pretty good list of:
Bowden's awful, but it's pretty hard to argue with this list. And their rationales have been well-researched and even-handed. Pretty good reading.

But now Blastings is asking for input from their readers on who should be picked next, and we need to make sure JimBo gets his due.

The poll options are Bowden, Omar, Riccardi, Gillick, Melvin, and Other. Omar is leading, which is to be expected on a Mets blog, especially given their recent turmoil, but there's no chance he's really the worst on this list. Just recently Riccardi pulled ahead of JimBo for 2nd place, and he's made his share of mistakes, but just imagine for one minute how Bowden's boys would fare in the AL East. Gillick and Melvin have gotten basically no votes, which is appropriate--neither of these guys are going to make anyone's "best GMs" list, but they don't belong in this bottom tier.

JimBo needs your help! Don't let him get left out of the fun! He NEEDS to be picked next! Head over there and cast your ballot.


Everyone said...

We don't care.

Hendo said...

Worse than Ricciardi? No.

Worse than Minaya? No.

Nationals Fan said...

You could make an argument for Riccardi, but I wouldn't.

I don't understand the Minaya hate though, especially coming from a Nationals fan.

That deliriously fun 2005 team was almost completely his doing. The bullpen, the only consistent strength we've had in 4 years, was all Omar's.

In 05, Bowden took Minaya's team, did everything he could to make it worse--added Guzman (one of the worst offensive seasons from an every day player in modern history), Vinny, traded away Juan Rivera for an older, more expensive version of the same guy with an attitude problem (Guillen) and threw in a useful young MI (Izturis). He signed Loaiza, but he had basically the same innings in Scott Downs and Tomo Ohka and threw them away for nothing.

Nats fans need to give Omar the lion's share of the credit for the small amount of enjoyment we've had all these years.

(BTW, since I know it's coming, I give Omar a total pass for the Colon trade. He was told, "this team isn't going to exist in a year. Make one last run. It's a done deal." Why not go for one-year rentals and trade prospects like there's no tomorrow. There wasn't supposed to be a tomorrow.)