Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome to Fire Jim Bowden

We here at the Fire Jim Bowden blog have one goal: to see the Washington Nationals become a championship contender.

As anyone who has felt the box seats at RFK bounce can attest, Washington, DC is a great baseball town. Sadly, DC has suffered more baseball indignities than any city should ever have to endure.

To reach the promised land of championship glory (or at least respectability) that we have been denied for so long, it is clear that one step is crucial: we must fire Jim Bowden.

Over the coming weeks, I will lay out the case against Jim Bowden, the reasons why it is no longer debatable that he is not capable of building a winning major league franchise.

We hold no personal ill-will towards Mr. Bowden. In fact, we have found him to be an often gregarious, certainly never boring sort of fellow. Sadly, he is simply not cut out to be a Major League Baseball General Manager. We take no joy in this. We simply wish our team success, and for that to happen, JimBo must go.


Dave Nichols said...

Fire Lenny First!

Nationals Fan said...

You can dump them both as far as I'm concerned. Our problem is NOT that we're going overboard on accountability.