Sunday, July 27, 2008

0-6 and 19 Straight Scoreless... Don't Just Vent, Sign the Fire Bowden Petition!

The Mariners booted Bavasi because getting swept at home by the Nationals was the final straw. Will an 0-6 road trip and 19 straight scoreless innings (and counting) be the final straw for JimBo?

If you think it should be, then make your voice heard by signing the Fire Jim Bowden petition. We're very close to 100 signers, which for a team that only gets 9,000 viewers on TV is a pretty good start. From the Natmosphere, we've gotten Hendo's Hutch, DC Sports Plus, Half Street Blues, and the We've Got Heart team.

Click here to sign the Fire Jim Bowden petition, and then get 5, 10, or 15 of your favorite Nationals-loving friends to sign too!

1 comment:

Hendo said...

Keep the faith, Steven, and let's hope there'll never be a time when we'll need it more.