Saturday, July 12, 2008

Additional Comments from Bowden

Chico Harlan gives us more context on what Bowden had to say about the Dominican bonus-skimming scandal.

He dodges a bit but eventually directly denies any wrongdoing. Here's the most direct denial:

(I don't think the story ever alleged this, but did you have any knowledge of skimming within the organization.)

No. Absolutely not.

(Do you expect the FBI or MLB to call you again.)

I'm going to cooperate, as all of our employees are, and hopefully every throughout baseball is going to cooperate. We'll do everything we can to help and support, clean the game up.

(Will any impropriety be found within your organization?)

No. Absolutely not.
In fact he's characterizing his interview with the FBI as a routine conversation that he assumes they are doing with every team, that he is not being singled out. This contradicts the ESPN article, which indicates that Bowden and Rijo are being actively investigated as a suspect.

I wonder why Bowden wouldn't be more directly saying, "these ESPN reporters got it all wrong." Seems like that's something you'd say if a story was written about you that was totally false.

Obviously this is all conjecture, but you know here in DC whenever anyone's denying wrongdoing we like to parse the words for hidden meanings and loopholes!

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