Saturday, July 26, 2008

Buy the Official Fire Jim Bowden T-Shirt!

Today, Kristen from We've Got Heart suggested that I create t-shirt. She thought there would be some demand. Well... here at the Fire Jim Bowden blog we're nothing if not responsive to our customers! Here it is, the Official Fire Jim Bowden T-Shirt!

The front you can see. The back has a series of damning quotes about JimBo:
  • "The guy's an idiot. I won't take his calls, and I don't think many others do."--Padres GM Kevin Towers
  • "He's one of the worst people in the world."--Former Reds coach Ron Oester
  • "It makes me kind of sad in a way. It's a little disrespectful."--Nationals closer Chad Cordero
  • “We had a handshake deal. If I had been in the room with him, I would have killed him.”--Former Reds closer Jeff Shaw
  • “They say what goes around comes around. If that be the case, then he's going to get his some day.”--Former Reds coach Dave Collins
To order one, click on the PayPal button on the right-hand side of the blog. You can choose a size and everything!

I have no way to vouch whatsoever for the quality of the t-shirt itself. How's that for sales? I'll find out what they really look like when someone makes the first order. However you can check out where it's coming from--it's the "Gildan Ultra Cotton Heavyweight Tee" at

I'm charging $20, which actually means I'll lose money if there are only 1-2 orders. But hell, I'll pay a few bucks to see someone wearing this at a game!!!

If you order one, I will ship it to you as fast as I can, but I'm not actually going to order any until I sell a few so assume that if you make an order that it'll take at least a week or two to get it. Again, I've just never used this t-shirt making website before so I don't want to piss anyone off if it takes longer than you'd think.

If by some miracle I sell enough of these to actually make any money, I will first buy myself a t-shirt and then donate proceeds to Environment America, an excellent environmental organization working for clean air, clean water, and open space.


Anonymous said...

That is the best T-shirt I have ever seen. I am definitely buying one and wearing it constantly. Hopefully our dream will come true and he will be out soon.

WFY said...

Great shirt!

Anonymous said...

I did not sign the petition because of all the red tape and worry of giving my address, phone and email out.....this I will buy....hope I get it for the next home stand! Look for me in it at every game until he gets fired.....should be the rest of this year tops.

Hendo said...

I'm on board!

Stephanie said...

I'm ordering one ASAP!

Willie the Groundskeeper said...