Sunday, July 6, 2008

Elijah... see you next Passover?

Bad news indeed.

I still won't get on board with the growing chorus groaning about how injuries have crippled the 2008 Nationals. We were terrible when completely healthy. And if you are running a good organization you have talent to call on in the inevitable event that guys go down.

But still, we've had some bad, bad injuries. I'm not thinking of guys like LoDuca, Estrada, Pena, and Kearns. They really don't matter.

But Marrero, Milledge, Zimmerman, now Dukes... Injuries to our top young talents mean setbacks and delays in our progress towards The First Great Nationals Team. And if Cordero and Nick had been healthy and played up to their abilities for the first half, they might be truly valuable trading chits right now. So, yeah, these injuries suck.

As for Dukes, I'm not sure what's worse for the Nationals--Elijah's development on the field set back who knows how much, or the idea of him with several weeks with nothing to do but to get into trouble. Better increase the "special assistant for player concerns" budget.

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