Saturday, July 19, 2008

Estrada CS%: Falling Fast (With his Trade Value)

I gave Estrada some cautious praise Friday for having upped his CS% from an abominable 13% last year to 31%, which is still not good, but approaching just kinda below average, rather than completely terrible.

Well, as of the end of the 2nd tonight, the Braves are 3 for 3, with 2 of Estrada's throws ending up in centerfield. That leaves his CS% at 19% and falling. Meantime, he's 0 for 6 at the plate.

Just to be clear, the reason Flores is on the bench is because we're showcasing Estrada for a trade, right? I'm sure Bowden's phone is ringing off the hook.
  • OK so not only can he not hit or throw anyone out, he can't catch the ball either. Hey, why not make your 23-year-old starter get 4 outs an inning? Isn't that part of the Plan? JUST CUT HIM AND EAT THE SALARY!!!
  • Apparently they just scored E-9 on the throw to Estrada. I don't see how you charge him with a throwing error on a throw that goes through the catcher's legs. You're supposed to make the throw from right on a fly? That's the second error in two games that could/should have been charged to Estrada--yesterday he bounced a throw to second on a steal attempt that got through Guzman that seems like it should have been a throwing error on the catcher. THE LEAGUE HAS SEEN ENOUGH!! HE HAS NO TRADE VALUE!! JUST CUT HIM AND EAT THE SALARY!!!
  • On the other hand, Willie Harris can pick it in center, eh? Kearns and Langerhans aren't too bad either. Manny doesn't have much choice, but this is why Langerhans-Harris-Kearns is the outfield that gives us the best chance to win right now. They aren't going to hit too much, but those guys sure can play defense.

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Mike said...

The latest from Heyman:

"Despite his bosses' support for him in the scout skimming investigation, there's increasing buzz that Nationals GM Jim Bowden will be replaced before next year."