Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guzman: The NL's #2 SS

As good a first half as he's had, I don’t really think Guzman quite merits all-star consideration, barring the silly little league participation award rule that every team gets one. If I had my way, Hanley Ramirez and Jose Reyes would be the NL shortstops, and then the third shortstop slot would be used for a more deserving choice at another position like maybe Pat Burrell or David Wright.

But given that there are three NL shortstops, and none of them is Reyes, let's be clear: Guzman is a more deserving choice than Tejada and should be handled as the #1 shortstop on the bench.

Take these measures of overall offensive value:
  • OPS: Guzman leads .764 to .739
  • Runs Created (very simple version OBP*SLG*AB): Guzman leads 58.1 to 49.5
  • VORP: Guzman leads 24.7 to 15.4
Neither is a very good defensive shortstop, but the all-star game doesn't care a lick about defense anyway.

So I'll be looking for Guzman to be the first shortstop off the bench tonight, and if anyone gets relegated to pinch running or sitting out the whole game, it should be Tejada.

Having said that, when Bowden complains that he "Got ripped on the signing," let's not lose too much sleep about poor JimBo.

Yeah you were ripped, and you were right to be ripped. And one good offensive half-season doesn't justify 4 years and $16m and a draft pick. Now trade him before he gets hurt again.
  • Well, I figured as much, but Tejada's in the game, replacing Hanley in the 6th. Guzman's on the bench. Let's hope he gets to PH in a key situation or some other featured role.

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