Friday, July 18, 2008

Natosphere Roundup

Just a few recent posts from some of the other excellent Nationals bloggers that I thought were worth sharing:
  • Nationals Pride tears into the Lerners and the city council for DC's plan to recoup the $3.5 million the the team owes the city in stadium rent by raising the sales tax from 10% to 15%. I hope this is all posturing, but if not I hardly think Nationals fans should expect the DC city council to spend any more on a stadium deal that (agree or not) was wildly unpopular among actual voters in the city.
  • Federal Baseball is giving an iron-clad (pixel-clad?) guarantee that the Nationals will NOT lose 100 games. And he has reasons why.
  • Miss Chatter is inviting you to come watch Baseball on the Barn! Rarely one to venture off Cap Hill, I've never done it, but it sounds like fun.
  • We've Got Heart is digging the new USPS baseball stamp.
  • Nationals Farm Authority scooped the pros (again) on the Hood signing. Check out the comments too. Definitely worth the read.
  • NFA also has a very interesting take on the Nationals' progress in the international market.
  • A couple days old now, but OMG has his crystal ball predictions for the second half, seasoned with a healthy dose of Lerner cynicism, and optimism about Kearns and Zim, but not Flores, Dukes, or Guzzy.
  • Nats 320 interviewed Joel Hanrahan, who like all power pitchers who can't find the strike zone, is loved by me.
  • Nats Fanboy Looser don't want no stinking Johnny Estrada.
  • DC Sports Plus really really don't want no stinking, sucking Johnny Estrada.
  • And... Nats Triple Play thinks sucks, ESPN sucks, and the Fire Jim Bowden blog sucks. If only I had their ad revenue!!


Nate said...

Actually, what I think is that abused anonymous sources, threw together a lazy, context-free follow-up, and the Fire Jim Bowden blog sometimes resorts to a strict Manichean view of the Nats front office where all goodness and light radiates from Stan Kasten and Trader Jim generates nothing but evil and dischord. But maybe that's what you meant.

Nationals Fan said...

Nate--Well, how about this as the basis of a truce: if you stop mischaracterizing my position, and I'll stop oversimplifying yours?

Personally, I'd much prefer a Natosphere where we build on each other's arguments and promote each other's blogs.

I'm interested in hearing where you disagree with me. I often learn more from the people who disagree with me than those who agree. That's cool. But it seems unnecessary and just not that much fun to use your blog as a forum to trash mine.

Section 222 said...

This roundup is a great service. Thanks.

Nationals Fan said...

222--Thank you. I was thinking it would be a regular Friday feature (when I'd otherwise be actually you know spending some time with my wife!), so look for it then.