Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swengali States the Obvious: JimBo Must Go

I can't link to it because Express evidently doesn't have an RSS feed. But here's the Washington Post's free rag/Metro litter explaining that Bowden is not good at his job.

Swengali: Nats Strike Out With Bowden

By John McDonnell/TWP

I MAY NOT be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do understand a few things.

I'm aware the Nationals came to D.C. three years ago basically barren of talent. Building through the farm system is a good idea, as is trying to develop a group of good, young pitchers who are still in the minor leagues.

I'm confused, though, about why the team keeps getting worse. It's not like General Manager Jim Bowden trades away decent players for prospects. In fact, I wish he would — rather than foolishly sign the likes of Dmitri Young and Cristian Guzman to extensions.

The Nationals don't look like a big league team right now. Having been shut out in three of the past four games, Washington might as well be playing T-ball at the White House.

The worst record in baseball is all the evidence needed to demonstrate Bowden's mismanagement with this rebuilding club.

No one is expecting a playoff team, but there is no excuse for the Nats to keep declining when they started in such a lowly position.

Team President Stan Kasten and the Lerners should replace Bowden in the offseason to give this team a fighting chance in the long run.

These are dark days to be a baseball fan in the nation's capital. Hopefully, Kasten will see the light with Bowden.

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