Friday, July 25, 2008

This Week's Natmosphere Roundup

Wow, it was quite the memorable week across the Natmosphere! NFA, Miss Chatter, and We've Got Heart all ran circles around the pros, scooping the Rauch deal, Guzman contract, and the Cordero debacle. Here are some other highlights:

On the Rauch deal, from positive to negative:
On Guzman, from positive to negative:
The Cordero non-tender story generated boos from pretty much everyone. Here are some of the most notable:

Other posts of note that shouldn't get lost in the sauce:
  • NFA looks at how the Nationals are doing signing their picks compared to other teams. This is my Post of the Week.
  • Hendo takes a long-term look at how the Plan is progressing.
  • NFA notes AA Harrisburg manager John Stearns's 500th career win as a pro manager.
  • Federal Baseball does some nifty statistical analysis looking at the Nationals vs. the league average position by position.
  • NFL looks ahead to the 2009 lineup
  • Federal Baseball finds the formerly sympathetic, now insufferably obnoxious Red Sox fan base talking shit about the Nationals.
  • NP, NFL, and SBF say "thanks for nuthin' you fat jerk!" or something to that effect to soon-to-be-former Nat Johnny Estrada.
  • We've Got Heart reports on location from the Atlanta series.

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Sean Hogan said...

Lots of good reading here! Thanks for compiling it all!