Thursday, July 31, 2008

We've Hit 1%!!

That is, 91 people, more than 1% of the Nationals' TV audience, have now signed the Fire Jim Bowden petition.

If you really have no life, you might be interested in scrolling through the comments. Many of them are senseless ranting, but some of them are pretty poignant expressions of real disappointment from people who love the Nationals and were really rooting for Bowden and the team.

Click here to sign: and tell your own story about how the Nationals have broken your heart.


Dave said...

Steven, you may be interested to know that JimBo is apparently in talks with the White Sox to deal away Jon Lannan.

First mentioned by Heyman on

Later picked up on and ESPNews.

How stupid can this man be?

Dave said...

Sorry, just saw that you picked it up on your previous post.

Steven said...

No question. I would say more, but I'm holding my breath till 4.

But if I'm Dana Brown, and Bowden trades away John Lannan AND my top picks go mostly all unsigned, I'm so out of here.

Mike said...

Ladson is saying it's Hanrahan now.

mike said...

Looks like this is the only deal today for the Nats:

The Nationals acquired shortstop Alberto Gonzalez from the Yankees in exchange for Minor League pitcher Jhonny Nunez on Thursday.

Norval Turner said...

I don't watch MASN, so I'm not in your 1% even though I signed your petition. What was I doing?

Steve Spurrier said...

No one MASNs me up, dude. I don't count either. What was I thinking?

Joe Gibbs said...

I only watch NASCAR. No NASCAR on MASN. Praise the Lord!