Monday, July 21, 2008

Will Dmitri Be the Straw to Break the Camel's Back?

Shoot, he could break an elephant's back. A camel wouldn't have a chance! Ah, we'll miss the Dmitri Young fat jokes when he's gone.

Actually I'm posting just to pass this along from Baseball Prospectus's Will Carroll:
The Nats have some comings and goings going on. Zimmerman is doing well working to come back from his shoulder injury, looking solid at the start of a rehab assignment. No one expected problems in the field, and all reports have Zimmerman showing no problems at the plate either. There may be a slight loss of power, but sources think he'll just hit a few more doubles rather than homers. While he's still likely to have surgery this offseason, which could make for an early exit with the Nats already well out of contention, Zimmerman will be back soon, and should be one of few reasons to go see the team in the meantime. On the other hand, Young might be done for a while, which is a bigger issue with Nick Johnson still out. Young is having trouble with his diabetes, and the team has put him on the DL until it's under control. Young is huge right now and hasn't gotten any smaller during the season—"he's eaten his whole contract," one observer said—so this could be longer than many expect. With Jim Bowden already-tenuous situation in DC, losing Young for the season could be the last straw. I'm setting the DXL at 30 for Young, but there's really no telling how long this will actually take.

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