Friday, August 29, 2008

FJB Petition Comments--Pretty Good Reading, if you're Feeling Lonely

I just wanted to draw some attention to the comments that have been shared on the Fire Jim Bowden petition page that I set up at the Care2 site back when this blog started.

It's kind of a good place to go for those of us looking for commiseration, not just about Bowden but about the state of our beloved Nationals.

As events have unfolded this summer--the losing, Cordero, the FBI investigation, Aaron Crow--you see people throwing up their hands and saying, "enough!" And while there's a lot of out-of-control venting and name-calling, which I could live without, there's also just a lot of genuine people just sharing heartache. There's some real pathos--old Senators fans, people who lived their whole life in the DC area just longing for a team of our own, people who fell in love in June 2005...

Posts like this one,
by Matthew Gill, DC native now living in Hawaii:
I was born and raised in Washington, DC... In the inaugural season I went to 20 games, we went 16-4 in that time. This was before the team was shaped by poor trades and retread signings characterized by Bowden's tenure. While I live in Hawaii, I still live, breathe and die by the goings on of the Nationals. They MUST improve from the poor effort we have seen this year.
Or this sad sentiment from Janet Wamsley in Virginia:
Baseball is a business, but it's played by people. Bowden seems to treat his players like trading cards or a fantasy team. People like Chad Cordero deserve better than a premature public announcement of contract issues during a difficult rehab process.
Or Carl Goldstein, who deserves a big hug for standing by this team while living surrounded by Red Sox fans in Massachusetts and states it simply:
I don't like being the door mats of MLB.
I don't know if anyone's listening to these folks, but I think someone should. So click over and have a look, because a Nationals fan venting alone in the woods does make a sound. And if you want to add your thoughts, feel free to sign yourself.

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