Saturday, August 23, 2008

Look! I'm in Two Places at Once!

I'm on vacation this week. I'll be hiking in the Canadian Rockies. Me, my wife, my 9-month-old, no mosquitoes, no humidity, and 70 degrees. Heaven.

So for the blog, I have this intern. Her name is Cloe, and she's a sophomore at Mt. Holyoke. She doesn't really know anything about baseball, but I explained that the points are called runs, that you always run counter-clockwise (she doesn't like that rule), and a few other things. She did pick up right away why batting average is a dumb stat (ahem, Chico?). And she's volunteered to take some time away from her last week of the summer, which she was going to spend with her 'partner' Phaedra, and do the blog. So be nice to her.

That's how it goe
s, right? Blogger takes some time off, so the intern takes over?

OK, no, I'm joking. A little intern humor. I'm really going to be in Banff, but I have written a set of posts that through the magic of modern technology will appear
over the week. So you will have some more (hopefully) good stuff to chew on, even if some of it is a couple days behind.

Now don't go firing Bowden while I'm away! I wouldn't want to miss that!

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