Friday, August 1, 2008

This Week's Natmosphere Roundup

As a service to readers, each Friday I post a series of links to he most notable comments from the Nationals excellent circle of blogging fans. Here's this week's roundup.
  • Harper's really bummed. He's blogging with Felipe's body language. But he's a pro and isn't letting it affect his play. The same savvy stats and pithy analysis are there as always. I recommend a discussion he framed about our long-term rebuilding strategy.
  • NFA and the best group of commenters in the Natmosphere weigh in on Alberto Gonzalez.
  • DC Sports Plus does some actual reporting with a pretty interesting interview with Chris Curran, our 2008 22th round draft pick. This is my post of the week.
  • Stephanie at We've Got Heart doesn't like being dissed by the Rangers. I don't either. (And what exactly does that franchise have to be so self-satisfied about, anyway?)
  • Nationals Enquirer continues to break the news with flair, edge, and a sense of humor. And photos.
  • Mr. Irrelevant, contrary to his moniker, captures the zeitgeist perfectly.
  • Hendo weighs in with a smart take on the Manny deal, expressing relief that we're not run by Ned Colletti but kinda wishing we could have pulled off a coup like what the Pirates' Neal Huntington did.
  • William World News is starting to pick up again, presumably as his little one is starting to sleep better at night. I'm a particular fan of how he's beating the Fire Bowden drum.
  • Kristin at We've Got Heart throws a bouquet to Jesus Flores for winning the MLB Players Alumni Association's Heart and Hustle Award. This got ignored by most of the MSM, and it shouldn't have been.
  • SBF argues for Dukes in CF and Milledge in right. I'm not on board with that unless we've decided Milledge will never be a good CF, but it's a point that should be raised.
  • Half Street Blues wants Manny to get mad more. I'm not on board with this either, but again I think it's a discussion that should be had.
  • Nats Fanboy Looser sends a first-hand report from Columbus with observations on Dukes and E-Bone.


phil dunn said...

Milledge's arm is too weak and inaccurate to play any one of the three outfield positions. He probably would do the least amount of damage in LF. Frankly, I don't think he has much potential in the field or with the bat. Giving up Ryan Church and Brian Schneider for him was insane.

Steven said...

He hasn't given us much reason for hope, but I'm not giving up on ol' Thrilledge just yet. I think he can be an average defensive OF with 15 HR and a .270 average. That's not enough offense for a corner OF spot, but would be fine if the defense in center is there. So I'm wanting to give him every chance to show he can get it done out there. But I can understand where you're coming from.