Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good for Manny--Way to Stick Up for Your Guys

I applaud Manny for sticking up for his coaches. There was an anonymous quote yesterday from an unnamed source supposedly within the Nationals organization calling the Nationals' coaching staff "the worst in the league."

Manny responded with this:
"Losing brings out bad characters," Acta said. "It's very easy for some of you [members of the media] to hide behind guys named sources, think tank, an opposing scout, a National League top executive and an official. I don't believe most of those comments, because any one of you guys can hide behind any of those guys. It's an old trick."
Regardless of whether you think the Nationals coaches are awful, and regardless of whether Manny thinks they are awful, I like that he's sticking up for his guys. No one likes to get trashed in the press, and none of these guys really deserve to get trashed, at least not anonymously by someone who can't be responded to. Fair, public criticism is ok, and in fact would be more credible for those who agree with the sentiment. But this feels to me like an unfair cheap shot.

This response shows Manny as a leader, providing cover for people who, for better or worse, have come to work every day and tried their best and deserve better treatment from their employer. He may dismiss one, some, or all these guys next week, but there's a way to do it with class.

If you're a potential recruit to replace someone on the Nationals staff, this is recruiting. If you are about to get fired, this makes you less likely to trash the team on your way out the door. This is good leadership. Good for Manny.


JayB said...

Interesting read, thought feeling is different. While I agree with you about relationships and the human focus is more on results with the Nats......The coaching staff is poor. The person who called like it is are correct. Acta's quotes make him look like Ted Lerner.....Facts are facts, Acta has not improved the team, and that is what good managers do and that is what good coaches do.......Lenny Harris, Tim Tolman, and the outfield, 1st base coach did not improve players near as much as the average MLB staff.....That tells me that they are sub par.....nothing personal....just results matter.....I am somewhat surprised that you are having this reaction given your blog and it's focus......correct as I see it....just the facts on GM Jim.

Steven said...

I just don't like the anonymous quotes. I don't criticize JimBo anonymously, and neither did Kevin Towers or Ron Oester. Let this person state their case publicly, not hide.

Whether the Nationals coaches stink or not is beside the point.

I also don't think reporters should be so willing to accept off the record quotes, especially on matters as relatively trivial as baseball. Why can't this person state their position on the record? Maybe they would need to be a little more diplomatic, but a sourced quote about the team's weaknesses would be a lot more credible than this, which sounds like it comes from someone with an axe to grind.

I'll bet you the person who leaked this quote has no idea what they are talking about and did it out of a personal vendetta. In my experience, that's what an awful lot of anonymous quotes are. Anytime you see an anonymous quote, ask yourself, "why couldn't this person have made this point publicly with their name attached to it." If you can't think of a really good reason, I would advise you to discard the quote.

JayB said...

Again, thought provoking.....I do not have anywhere near the experience with the press as you do.

I am not one to post under other names and I have said my peace to Stan but in the RFK days....he does not seem to come around the upper deck in the new park at all, but if I could have gotten off work I would have had no problem giving the Nats my feelings and observations on the record at ESPN Zone.

You seem to be focused on Jimbo as the source of this team’s problem. I see so many areas’s where they have dropped the ball. Coaching is one key area that nobody until this past few months has focused attention on. You do not need to trust me or value my view but I do know a lot about the game itself and on it works on the field at all levels. This team needs better coaching and based on what comes up from the farm system the problem is at all levels.

Proof....just look at STL and what they get out of less talent every year.........Nats should make coaching a top priority in the plan. Hiring an unproven manager and then allowing Jimbo to hire his coaches was lose lose proposition in my view. The record speaks for itself......I know this is off topic for your post....I agree with you with my limited experience in press issues.....say it on the record or do not say it at all....good rule to live by...thanks