Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heyman Kicking and Kicking Us while We're Down...

Hey, it was fun when it seemed like Bowden was on his way out, but now this kind of thing from John Heyman's latest SI.com column just feels like he's kicking us while we're down:
NL Executive of the Year

1. Jim Hendry, Cubs. Built by far the best team in the NL.

2. Pat Gillick, Phillies. Lidge deal made the difference in the East.

3. Doug Melvin, Brewers. Sabathia alone gets him on the list, but he also added Mike Cameron, Gabe Kapler and Salomon Torres (the Mets would have killed for him).

NL Worst Executive: Jim Bowden, Nats. A perennial choice on principle.
And then this little kicker at the end:
By the way, congrats to the Nationals for losing the weekend series to the Phillies and getting the first pick in the draft. I only feel sorry for San Diego State pitcher Stephen Strasburg, the likely No. 1 choice.
While I was reading this column you could almost see the old Batman TV show-style captions over my head: "Biff!" "Owwww!" "Ka-Pow!!!"

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