Friday, September 5, 2008

This Week's Natmosphere Roundup

As a weekly service to my readers, I pull together links of some of the more notable posts from the Nationals' crack team of fan-bloggers. Here's this week's roundup:
  • First, the coolest thing in the Natmosphere in quite some time, Brian Oliver of NFA was featured on MASN discussing the Nationals prospects and September call-ups. The video is here, if you didn't see it the first time. NFA is one of the very best baseball blogs period, not just Nationals blogs, and it's great to see him getting featured in the MSM.
  • Federal Baseball poses this question: if we were going to trade Ryan Zimmerman right now at the absolute nadir of his trade value, what could we get? (Cuz that's how we roll, you know--Ayala, Vidro, Livan, Cordero... we like to really wait till the trade value really craters before pushing the button on a deal...). It's actually an interesting thought, and one I've posed before, since Zimmy is hands down our most valuable trading chit.
  • Meanwhile, Harper at Oleanders and Morning Glories poses this thought: assuming we go get a free agent this off-season, would you rather chase a big bat or front line starter? Again, be sure to check out the comments, and there are some good thoughts, and shockingly no one went for the cynical/boring/dumb "neither cuz dat bum StanK's too cheeeeeeeap!!!" line.
  • Harper continued his youth updates with posts at our pitchers and hitters.
  • NFA's post on the announcement of the Nationals' Instructional League roster sparked an interesting chat in the comments. Well worth the read.
  • Kristen at We've Got Heart was the first (at least according to my RSS feed) to share the good word that the Nationals are finally going to lower the ridiculous prices for some outfield seats, including the Red Porch.
  • Hendo offers probably the most interesting post on the Chase Ugly incident, considering it from the Phillies' perspective and what "Good School" Charlie may have said behind closed doors.
  • Sean at DC Sports Plus won an award! He's a kick-ass blogger, true enough.
  • In addition to his usual fun, pictorial take on each game, Nationals Enquirer revived his "Enquirer answers the mailbag" feature. It's a little more than a week old, but I didn't do a round-up last week.
  • And finally, in case you somehow read this blog and didn't already see the 3-part interview Nats320 did with Stan Kasten, be sure to check it out. And there's no StanSpeak translation, but I'm sure y'all could do the punch lines yourself by rote.

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Mike said...

Thanks for the shout out, Steven. (Shameless shilling: the big Hot Stove blogpost is due out next week at Hendo's Hutch.)