Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Week's Natmosphere Roundup

As a weekly service to my readers, I pull together links of some of the more notable posts from the Nationals' crack team of fan-bloggers. Here's this week's roundup:
  • Bottomfeeder Dave does a hilarious SNL-type take on the upcoming Bowden/Kasten appearance at ESPN Zone. Hands down, this is the post of the week.
  • Patrick (aka e chigliak) over at Federal Baseball got some very nice MSM exposure with a feature in USA Today Sports Weekly. (BTW--responding to his comment on the 'one thing' he would change about the team, how's about we fire Bowden and raise the payroll? I think we'd have near unanimity among Nationals fans there.)
  • Kristen at We've Got Heart does the latest "Women in Baseball" profile.
  • The Dukes flap sparked a wave of commentary. The camp defending Dukes included Bottomfeeder, Nats Nation, Federal Baseball, Hendo (in the comments on my post), Mr. Irrelevant and of course me, while the group mostly critical of his actions included Nationals Fanboy Looser, We've Got Heart, Chris Needham (commenting at the Baseball Think Factory), Nats320, Harper at OMG (again in the comments on my post), and William World News. Stet Sports Blog made some well-deserved mockery of the whole thing. But I'm going to say that the best comment came from Miss Chatter, who just plain didn't even notice what happened. That's about what the reaction should have been. (One thing I didn't notice till now is that there seems to be slight generational divide on Dukes--the "class of 2005 bloggers seem to lean strongly anti-Dukes, while the newcomers--Hendo, BFB, Nats Nation, e chigliak--seem as a group to be more forgiving. FWIW.)
  • Harper at Oleanders and Morning Glories looks at past #1 picks and reminds us all that we should never, ever root for losses.
  • Nationals Enquirer answers the Bill Ladson mailbag.
  • Nats 320 has an interesting chat with fans about who's renewing their season tickets. (I'll continue to buy $5 seats and take advantage of the late-inning lack of "ticket discipline. JK, JK. That's very bad. Stealing, in fact. No one should ever sit in a seat they didn't pay for.)
  • SBF also posts on next season's prospective roster and sparks a good discussion in the comments.
  • Nationals Enquirer welcomed a little Enquirer. Good news for MASN--it's now 9,001!
  • Nats Triple Play celebrates his 500th post by continuing his drift toward becoming the Natmosphere's home for Bowden fandom. Hey, someone should do it I guess, and why not the guy in Cristian Guzman jersey?
  • NFA has an interview with Stan Kasten coming soon. Should be interesting reading. I wonder how many times he'll say, "that's a question for Jim."
  • Federal Baseball also continued his "This Day in Washington Baseball History" series with a look at 20-year-old Walter Johnson's three-straight shutouts in 1908. I'm a big believer that the team should embrace the history of DC baseball and leave the Expos for the Canucks, so I'd like to see even more of this. (FB's e chigliak is an old Expos fan, so he probably would like to embrace both, which would be ok with me too--we need more baseball tradition period.)

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