Monday, September 29, 2008

Today's Post on the Screwed Up Nationals...

New rule. Until Harlan, Sheinen, Lemke, Zuckerman, Boswell or someone can give me a quote from someone on the record about all this stuff about how poorly the team is run and how Kasten has no power and Mark and Ted pull all the strings through Jim... I'm not giving any more of this stuff the time of day.

And no I didn't miss this part from today's Post rehash of last week's Times piece:
Indications are that Bowden will be back, too, in 2009: Nobody within the organization interviewed for this article had heard the slightest hint that Bowden would lose his job.
We'll see. During a season of high-profile rumors that Bowden is toast, no one with the team has yet to refute that (at least not on the record). If Mark loves Jim so much, I would have expected him to say something to take the heat off. Jim may not be gone, but I believe they are at minimum taking a hard look. We should know definitively soon one way or another.

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An Briosca Mor said...

Actually, the absence of a strong vote of confidence from ownership is pretty strong evidence that Bowden won't be fired, if history is any guide.