Saturday, September 20, 2008

Update: Nationals Closing in on Reds' Record for Worst New Stadium Attendance EVER

After last night's announced attendance of exactly 28,600, the Nationals' average per-game attendance for 2008 has fallen to 29,202 (2,219,362 total). The record for worst average attendance among the new generation of 19 stadiums opened since 1989 is held by the Cincinnati Reds' Great American Ballpark, which drew just 29,077 per game (2,355,259) in 2003.

(Have I mentioned yet who GM-ed that Reds team? Jim Bowden was also fired mid-season that year.)

In addition to the suspense offered by the morbid Strasburg Sweepstakes, this weekend may well determine whether this team will claim the ignominious prize of most failed new stadium

To avoid that hallowed status,
assuming there are no revisions of the announced numbers to date, the team will need to draw 27,180 per game over their last five.

However knowing that the last three will weeknight games against the Florida Marlins, the team will probably need to get close to 30,000 on these final weekenders to make it.

(Check out this post for the full run-down of first-year stadium numbers since 1989.)


Steve Shoup said...

While I went last night and am going tonight I don't have much faith that the Nats can stay ahead of the Reds. Though I will have to say the $135 million that they are making on stadium revenue isn't too shabby.

Steven said...

No question, it's a done deal. Nationals Park will be the worst ever.

Hear that Tony Williams? You lily-livered, bow-tie-wearing, bean-counting sycophant corporate tool????

Steven said...

Not to engage in name calling, of course. :-)