Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dave Cameron Does Not Like Josh Willingham, Sam I Am (and Olsen Neither)

He echoes my main points on Olsen, but makes a good case for why we shouldn't be doing backflips for Josh Willingham either.

Also, unrelated, we get this from We've Got Heart:
Marty York of Metro News in Canada reports that:

Stan Kasten, who also has presided over the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers, is atop the list to replace the Jays’ interim prez, Paul Beeston. Sources spotted Jays lawyer Gord Kirke meeting with Kasten in New Orleans on the weekend.
I'd mostly ignored the Stan rumors, but so far this off-season the team is acting like Kasten and the Plan are out and Bowden's back in charge, unchecked by the adult supervision he's had since Stan came in. All the talk of signing Tex, Burnett, Dunn... this is classic Bowden attention-seeking and runs directly contrary to the strategy of patient player development that Stan's preached from the start. If that's what's happening, then that means the the suffering of the last two years has been mostly pointless, as all the patient stockpiling of 19-22 year-old talent that would get good together and help us win in 2011 will be quickly dismantled by Bowden.


John said...

Nothing scares me more than the idea of Bowden, free to do whatever he wants, running this team.

Rob B said...

Neither one of these guys does anything to solve the core problems of this team. Just another example of JimBo wanting his name to stay in the news.
This team is still just treading water (at the bottom of the ocean)

Wil Nieves said...

i'm still hoping that these are just pieces of the puzzle, and there will be another big trade before it's over. what do you think about us signing a big free agent as well (well, i know you don't like it, but let's assume for a minute that stan is gone and we're veering off the plan anyways)?

if it had been rauch instead of bonifacio (which was a one-for-one trade), would criticisms be more pronounced?

Steven said...

I've said that I'm for making a splash in FA by going after an OF and/or SP, but that I would prefer going for a shorter term deal. Dunn, Lowe, and Garland were among the signings I think would make sense for this team, though Dunn it would appear is no longer in the cards.

I applauded the Rauch deal because it made us younger and fit with a plan for contending in the early 2010s. Giving up EBone and 2 prospects for one bad pitcher and a 30-year-old outfielder is two steps back after one step forward.