Sunday, November 2, 2008

Elias Rankings Are Out--Lo Duca and Ayala are Type Bs

Elias Sports Bureau has announced their free agent ratings for this off season.

The Type A free agents are Bobby Abreu, Doug Brocail, A.J. Burnett, Pat Burrell, Orlando Cabrera, Juan Cruz, Ryan Dempster, Adam Dunn, Brian Fuentes, Brian Giles, Trevor Hoffman, Bobby Howry, Orlando Hudson, Raul Ibanez, Derek Lowe, Damaso Marte, Jamie Moyer, Mike Mussina, Darren Oliver, Oliver Perez, Andy Pettitte, Manny Ramirez, Edgar Renteria, Francisco Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, Russ Springer, Mark Teixeira, Jason Varitek and Kerry Wood.

The Type B free agents are Jeremy Affeldt, Moises Alou, Garret Anderson, Luis Ayala, Joe Beimel, Casey Blake, Casey Blake, Milton Bradley, Paul Byrd, Mike Cameron, Alan Embree, Eric Gagne, Jon Garland, Luis Gonzalez, Ken Griffey, Mark Grudzielanek, LaTroy Hawkins, Jason Isringhausen, Randy Johnson, Jeff Kent, Paul LoDuca, Braden Looper, Mark Loretta, Brandon Lyon, Greg Maddux, Brad Penny, Denny Reyes, Arthur Rhodes, Ivan Rodriguez, Rudy Seanez, Brian Shouse, John Smoltz, Frank Thomas, Salomon Torres, Juan Uribe, David Weathers, Randy Wolf and Gregg Zaun.

Teams that lose a Type A free agent receive the top draft pick from the signing team in addition to a supplemental pick. Teams losing a Type B free agent receive a supplemental pick, while the signing team retains its draft choice.
  • To clarify, what this means is that you should think of the Anderson Hernandez trade as giving up Ayala and a sandwich pick between the first round and the second round, and cutting Lo Duca cost a sandwich pick also. I'm not arguing that these moves were mistakes, just passing along the facts for you to conclude what you will. (For the record, at the time I applauded cutting Lo Duca, and mildly criticized the Ayala trade, and I'm still comfortable with those stances.)
  • To clarify further, the team would have had to offer Ayala or Lo Duca arbitration to get the compensation, and both players almost surely would have accepted, so there's no scenario where we'd get draft picks for these guys. In other words NEVERMIND! Still mildly interesting, but more or less irrelevant to any practical Nationals matters. Which of course I knew and have thought about and probably even blogged about, but was tired and just typed a brain fart. Probably it was watching football, that inferior sport, that made me stupid. Thanks to traderkirk for reminding me how to find my ass with both hands.


traderkirk said...

That's not quite accurate. In order to get the compensation, the Nats would have to offer arbitration.

I am not an expert on theprocess but I believe that a player cannot take a significant pay cut in the process.

So, unless loDuca and Ayala would have rejected arbitration (which they probably wouldn't do) then there would have been no compensation when the Nats simply didn't offer them arbitration.

Unless you wish they had LoDuca for $4m next year and Ayala for a couple million more?

Sean Hogan said...

No chance LoDuca would have been offered arbitration...Ayala I think so though.

JayB said...


IE now works for me as of this AM....Thanks,

Wil Nieves said...

is it time for another Reds acquisition?

Do the Nats really stand a chance to get Tex? I think probably not.

Kenny G said...

how about this? i went to share this link with a friend of mine who likes the nats, and i had to verify it on facebook to ensure i wasn't a robot... the two words it came up with? mistake and disaster.