Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Fire Jim Bowden" T-shirts Make a Great Gift for the Nationals Fan on your List!

Looking for a gift for that Nationals fan who works in your office? The FJB t-shirt is for you. Looking for a present for the guys you share your season ticket package with? Get a whole package! Just hoping to get away with a cheap present without risking life and limb at Wal-Mart? I got just what you need.

The front you can see. The back has a series of classic quotes about JimBo:
  • "The guy's an idiot. I won't take his calls, and I don't think many others do."--Padres GM Kevin Towers
  • "He's one of the worst people in the world."--Former Reds coach Ron Oester
  • "It makes me kind of sad in a way. It's a little disrespectful."--Nationals closer Chad Cordero
  • “We had a handshake deal. If I had been in the room with him, I would have killed him.”--Former Reds closer Jeff Shaw
  • “They say what goes around comes around. If that be the case, then he's going to get his some day.”--Former Reds coach Dave Collins

To order one, click on the PayPal button on the right-hand side of the blog. You can get them in all sizes, but I have XLs and Ls in stock, so I would encourage you to go for one of those if you want to be sure to get it by Christmas.

Buy now! They're going fast!

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