Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How Did I Miss this Quote?

From USA Today's Nationals off-season preview, posted today on their website:
On Sept. 23, with less than a week to go in an injury-filled 59-102 season, Washington Nationals President Stan Kasten was asked to address the job security of general manager Jim Bowden and manager Manny Acta.

"All my people are here permanently. That's the culture I'm trying to build — one of great stability and great longevity," Kasten said. "You should assume that everyone is here permanently until the day comes that they're not."
Dang. And I was in such a good mood watching the election returns...


Sean Hogan said...

So basically, they're here until they're fired.

Steven said...

"all my people are here permanently" sounds more like they're here until they're dead (or in Rijo's and Jim's cases, incarcerated?).

he's right. accountability is often counter-productive. It's better if everyone feels completely safe in their jobs no matter how badly they fuck up.

John said...

More news re: Bowden's bloated ego from a chat with Keith Law on
Charlie (Bethesda, MD): Are Josh Smoker or Colten Willems going to be any good?

SportsNation Keith Law: (2:30 PM ET ) Both guys have lost velocity since signing. There is so much going wrong in that organization that I don't know where to start. Two people - one FO person, one writer - told me at the GM meetings that "Bowden must have pictures of someone" to still have his job. And oh, by the way, Bowden blew off the designated meet-the-media times both days and apparently bragged about intending to do so.

While this may not have anything to do with the product he puts on the field, it does reflect on Bowden's personality and professionalism. I just don't understand why we have to suffer through another year with this man at the helm.

Steve Shoup said...

To be fair Law also mentioned later that Brian Saeban also misses out on meet the media times as well. And Law mentioned that he does it every year. Now Bowden bragging is unprofessional but who knows maybe he was bragging to Saeban about how they are both screw the media.

While I am the first to say there is plenty wrong with the Org. I think Bowden not doing media appearances prob ranks at the bottom of the list.

Sean Hogan said... Jim one of Stan's 'people'? I don't think so!