Monday, November 24, 2008

Idiota! Un Ano para Odalis Perez! No Mas!

One of the things that Bowden gets (somewhat overplayed, but mostly justified) credit for is his ability to go dumpster-diving and finding gems where no one else would look. This biggest home runs in this category came with the Reds--Ron Gant, Pete Harnisch, Pete Schourek, etc. But here in DC he got Dmitri Young for one good year, Odalis Perez, Tim Redding, Joel Hanrahan. These guys were all cast-offs who revived their careers in DC and gave us valuable production for next to nothing.

The downside of Jim's propensity for or finding diamonds in the rough (or at least pretty bits of glass on the beach) is that he has a tendency to cancel out the value of his cheap find by re-signing said find for far too much money. The two year, $10 million that went to Dmitri Young--a contract that no other team in baseball would have given him--is a prime example.

Which brings us to this from Enrique Rojas from
Por otro lado, informes recibidos desde el cuartel del lanzador dominicano Odalis Pérez indican que el zurdo ha recibido varias ofertas (incluyendo de parte de Yankees de Nueva York y Medias Blancas de Chicago), pero su meta es quedarse con los Nacionales de Washington.

"Mi agente está trabajando con los Nacionales. Tenemos una oferta por dos o tres años y es cuestión de afinar detalles", dijo Pérez a el lunes.
What? No habla espanol? Try this, gringo:
On the other hand, reports received from the headquarters of the Dominican pitcher Odalis Perez indicated that the southpaw has received several offers (including from the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox), but their goal is to stay with the Washington Nationals.

"My agent is working with National. We have an offer for two or three years and is subject to fine-tune details," Perez said to on Monday.
Odalis Perez had a very nice 2008. I would be fine with re-signing him (especially if that allows us to send Scott Olsen to Syracuse). But two or three years? For a 32-year-old who hasn't put together 3 straight good seasons... ever? This would be no less dumb than the 2 years and 10 million for Young or the 4 years for Guzman or 2 years for Vinny Castilla. This would be a totally unnecessary commitment and a terrible decision. Let's hope that Odalis is just trying to make talk big like an hombre rico.
  • Update: No es verdad, dijo el agente de Perez. Gracias a dios!


Steve Shoup said...

One thing to consider is that when they say a two or three year deal they are probably considering option years as well, so a one year deal with an option or even 2 with an option would not be such a bad thing. Also there is a chance that Perez would rather take a 3 year committment at a cheaper rate than a one or two year deal. I would like to still see the Nats resign Perez for a low rate say $3 million and add inning incentives that way if he is pitching well enough to rack up 175-200 innings then its money well spent.

On a side note I saw this story on MLB traderumors today, the D-backs released Jamie D'Antona
And he is going to Japan to play. This is exactly the type of guy we should be looking for and not only b/c he was drafted by Mike Rizzo. He's a 4 corner guy who has killed MILB pitching and has also played a little catcher. I'm not saying he's a allstar but he def. deserves a roster spot more than Casto.

Moe Greene said...
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Moe Greene said...

While I don't see Scott Olsen as the "second coming", I can't imagine him being any worse than Tim Redding in the second half of 2008. Surely, you didn't mean he should be in AAA to start 2009?