Thursday, December 11, 2008

Since the Willy Taveras Rumor Won't Die, I'm Forced to Weigh In

He stinks. Nevermind that we already have about 900 outfielders. If we want a defensive replacement fifth outfielder, Willie Harris is better. Ryan Langerhans is better. Hell, Roger Bernadina wouldn't be any worse and he's at least younger and cheaper. If we're thinking about Willy Taveras as a starter and (gasp!) lead-off man, then there just ain't much hope for us.

Read Bottomfeeder Dave's post if you need further explanation.

One other thing that made me go "huh?"'s Thomas Harding says we're thinking about non-tendering Redding? Really? Who do these guys think is going to pitch next year?


Hendo said...

There's too much we still don't know. I agree we don't want another Nook Logan, but Morillo might be interesting if he's healthy and back on the table.

Who will follow Lannan, Balester and Martis in the rotation is a more worrisome question. Bergmann? Clippard?

Dave Nichols said...

Hendo, if Martis is the number 3 starter, the Nats could have a team on Mark Teixeiras and not win 60 games.

Steve Shoup said...

Dave I think thats a bit extreme, "a team of Teixeiras" and they couldn't win 60 games b/c Martis is their number 3. Now i'm not trying to say Martis is the end all be all but you are forgetting Mock, and Olsen in your assesments. Personally I say move Redding (not for Tavares) but I'd like to see them move him. I don't think Redding is even really a back of the rotation starter like we hear. I would say if someone else values him, move him.

An Briosca Mor said...

Hendo, I seem to recall this Scott Olsen guy they picked up in trade from the Marlins recently. More than likely Lannan, Balester and Martis (if indeed Martis is even in the rotation) will follow Olsen, wouldn't you think?