Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Derek Lowe Takes Tim Hudson's Place as the Braves Pitcher the Nationals Can't Hit

Sinkerballers give the Nationals fits. Who knows why. Maybe it's a lack of plate discipline, or a lack of power to punish the occasional cookie left up in the zone.

Here are the Nationals' career numbers against some prominent sinkerballers:
Tim Hudson (86 IP, 1.57 ERA)
Brandon Webb (52 IP, 2.77 ERA)
Aaron Cook (34 IP, 3.63 ERA)
Derek Lowe (48 IP, 2.77 ERA)

OK so I'm cherrypicking a little. We hit Kyle Kendick ok (32 IP, 5.06 ERA). And lots of teams struggle with Brandon Webb. But anyone who's watched the Nationals flail away at Huddy can tell you that something about that heavy, two-seam fastball solves us.

Sinkerballer extraordinaire Derek Lowe's signing with the Braves means at least 3-4 more shutouts for the opposition this year.

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