Friday, January 30, 2009

Fo' Shizzle my Nizzle they'll Hear Dibble Down in VA

R to the izz-O! B to the izz-D! That's the anthem get ya damn hands UP! (Sorry--I couldn't resist the chance for a big Jay-Z reference.)

Apparently not everyone is all that excited about Rob Dibble joining the broadcast booth--so much that there's been more of a reaction to him replacing Don Sutton than the fact that it seems like Bob Carpenter has a copy of the same incriminating photos of Mark Lerner that is keeping Clint and Jim in their jobs.

But Dibble I guess is going to be a big personality, and according to his media introduction he's not going to be a homer. I kind of think that might be fun.

Of course you all will have to tell me how it works out. When I'm not at the game or watching on, I turn down the volume and listen to Charlie and Dave anyway.


El Rey said...

At least Clint is a Nationals original unlike Sweet Caroline and the Racing Presidents. I think there is such angst directed towards Clint because he is a good looking guy and he is surrounded by some good looking women. Sure he can be annoying, but he is good with children and sometimes his act is entertaining. He's not nearly as annoying as the middle age usher who jumps onto the dug out during the playing of the Sweet Caroline.

Dave Nichols said...

El Rey, i'm glad i'm not the only one that cringes at Sweet Caroline.

also, i talked to one of the Nats PR people at NatsFest. they said Clint was going to tone down the "act" this year. that basically, the persona he was exhibiting was how the PR staff directed him to play it, but this year they are scaling back his "personality".

i guess we'll see if it's akinder, gentler Clint this season or not.

John said...

Clint was intolerable. He was a disingenuous, smarmy, Ryan Seacrest-wannabe...sorry, I just have this visceral reaction whenever he is mentioned. And I don't think it had anything to do with him being a 'good looking guy...surrounded by some good looking women.' My dislike of him, personally, has nothing to do with his looks or those that surround him- it was all about his persona. I also know several female fans that couldn't stand him either, so it's not just a guy thing.
That said, it's good to hear that his 'act' is going to be toned down this year. And I promise to never rant about Clint again.

El Rey said...

Hi Dave and John,

A tone down Clint is a good idea. Otherwise, I could foresee a day when a drunken mob burns Clint at the stake in the new centerfield "fire pit" that Stan is promoting. Is it my imagination or does Stan seem more animated by the center field plaza enhancements than actually improving the team?

Steven said...

I don't know if any of you have ever interacted with Clint in the concourse when he's not on camera and just "being himself."

The smarminess is not an act. He's just like that. Maybe he can learn to change his personality completely, but I wouldn't count on it.