Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fun with Google Analytics

So earlier this week I was cruising around on Google Analytics, which tracks traffic on this site and millions of others and gives me all kinds of information about who's visiting the blog. Here are some cool things I learned that you might also be interested in.

The top posts by page views were:
1 Interview with Baseball America Editor John Manuel (8/13)
2 Nationals Wins Above Replacement (12/24)
3 Boooooooo! (10/30)
4 No Matter What Aaron Crow Will Not Be Overpaid (8/12)
5 Liar Liar Leatherpants on Fire (7/3)

The top 10 states visiting the site are in order: Virginia, DC, Maryland, New York, California, North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania. We've had visits from all 50 states except Wyoming.

We've had visits from 35 countries (listed in order of the total number of visits):
1 United States
2 Canada
3 Switzerland
4 Germany
5 Japan
6 Iraq
7 Kenya
8 United Kingdom
9 Australia
10 Taiwan
11 Venezuela
12 France
13 South Korea
14 Spain
15 Indonesia
16 Puerto Rico
17 Jamaica
18 Croatia
19 Dominican Republic
20 Ireland
21 Netherlands
22 Armenia
23 Israel
24 Mexico
25 Singapore
26 Philippines
27 Portugal
28 Argentina
29 Hungary
30 Sweden
31 Czech Republic
32 Brazil
33 China
34 Greece
35 India

The top cities outside the US are:
1 Geneva
2 Frankfurt
3 Ottawa
4 Baghdad
5 Nairobi

And the top five referring sites (not counting Google) are:
1 Nats Fanboy Looser
2 Nationals Farm Authority
3 Nationals Enquirer
4 Baseball Think Factory
5 Nationals Pride


Hendo said...

What's also interesting to me is the numbers on your current poll. They've gone from remarkably positive to about dead even... almost as if the pessimists waited to vote until after the Nats lost out in the Teixeira stakes.

JayB said...

I have been watching that move could be that some are changing their votes as I did once it was clear (to me at least) that Nats have no plan to spend any money this year if it was not on Tex.....I also think signing C Patterson and that lot of rejects changed my mind on the seems we are back to the same old same old.....Mike Bascik and Robert Fick should stay by the phone...Ray King too!

Steven said...

Yeah I've been wishing I had cut off that poll at the end of December and just made this a monthly poll to capture the Texeira-inspired uptick of optimism.

Hendo said...

Ooooh, I hadn't even noticed the "change your vote" link. Yep, a monthly cutoff would be the best thing, I think.

Steven said...

Yeah, I'm going to do it monthly, but since I posted it mid-Dec., the change will come on the 15th. There's been a combination of people changing their votes and also the total number of votes cast has been going up.

Before TEx signed with NYY, it was running about 65%-35% approve, and since then it's been pretty much the reverse.