Thursday, January 15, 2009

Right Track / Wrong Track Results... And New Poll!

This month's right track / wrong track poll has 45% of Nationals fans happy with the direction of the team with 212 people voting.

It's noteworthy that around Christmas as the team went after Teixeira the poll was running 65-35 "right track." Since then support has plummeted.

So now we have a new poll. It's time to weigh in again on whether the team is on the right track or not. Wait, you think, the same question again? Well, as any politico in town can tell you, the real value of the right track / wrong track poll is the linear tracking of the mood of the country over time. That's what we're going for here. The new poll will be up till Feb. 15.


Bellylard said...

What's going on with any offers from teams for Ben Sheets? DC's about to throw a bunch of young pitchers out there who aren't really ready. Would it kill the Nats to take a risky shot on Sheets so Zimmerman, Martis, Detwiler, etc. are not exposed before they can command their stuff? A rotation of Sheets, Lannan, Olsen, Cabrera, Hill/Balester is respectable, when you consider that by August Zimmerman may be ready to take starts from an injured Hill and wild Cabrera. If Sheets gets hurt, big deal. It's not like they're spending the money anywhere else, like on international scouting, and he has the best chance of helping us improve. Second base is the other weak spot, but we hear nothing about Hudson either. I suppose if Anderson Hernandez has turned into a young Rod Carew, I'll have to eat my words.

Our offense has a fair chance of being average, it's really only Johnson's health that keeps it from actually being solid.

traderkirk said...

It may be nothing more than Sheets holding out for a multi-year deal that isn't forthcoming. And it better not be forthcoming from JimBo.

I'd agree that a one year deal for a guy like Sheets would be fantastic. (Although he's Type A so there goes the first pick in round 2 of this years draft).

Dave Nichols said...

no to Sheets. any money invested in the major league product is a waste.

Ted Lerner

just joking. i'm sure Sheets wants a multi-year. no deal here for that.