Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is Jim FINALLY Done? Don't Count on It

There's a renewed buzz around baseball that Jim Bowden may finally be on his way out in DC. Thom Loverro, Keith Law (of course), John Heyman, Rob Neyer, the Baseball Prospectus annual, all the amateur blogs, and even heretofore Bowden-defender Tom Boswell have all once again called for Bowden's head in the aftermath of the Smiley Gonzalez / Carlos Alvarez debacle.

Indeed, Stan Kasten's response to a question hinting at Bowden's limited job security hardly rang as a vote of confidence:
"For today, there is nothing more I can say about that kind of stuff," he said. "I have an idea where you are going. I am just not ready to talk about that just yet. There is an ongoing investigation continuing, and I really need for that to play out first."
But I have to say I really doubt that Jim's going to be shown the door anytime soon. If 102 losses, Paul Lo Duca, Dmitri Young, the FBI investigation, and Chad Cordero (and did I mention 102 lossses?) didn't do it, what will?

It's an interesting question. Being caught on tape smoking crack with a prostitute? Selling the starting second base job to Roland Burris? Being caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy?

Maybe all of the above, but maybe not. I'm pretty much convinced that Jim's Rasputin, Dick Cheney, Robert Byrd, and Andy Rooney all rolled into one. He'll never lose his job. We'll have to roll him out of there in a wheel barrel.


Sean Hogan said...

"Being caught on tape smoking crack with a prostitute?"

Well if getting a DUI didn't do it, I would doubt this would be a whole lot different.

David said...

Maybe if he's caught cheating on his taxes, he can leave for Obama's cabinet.

Keith Law said...

I haven't heard any buzz that he is going to be fired, only increased sentiment from my contacts that he should be fired.

Steven said...

Thanks for the clarification Keith. Come back anytime. Here at FJB we love you like a brother.

NattyDelite! said...

So Keith, does that mean that 99% of the baseball industry is against him now, up from 98%?

If only we can get the Lerners (ie the remaining 1%) to fill that out...

Also thanks Keith for answering my question during the chat.