Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Lamest, Weakest, Most Pathetic Thing Jose Rijo Could Have Said...

This is pathetic:
Asked if he sought documentation at the time of the signing, Rijo said, "[Heck] no. That's not my job. That's why the major league has an investigation. Before we sign [a player] he has to go through them... You see a document, but you're going to see a, you know, a real or fake one either way. But that doesn't matter. It has to go through Major League Baseball before you can get the player signed. They do their investigation; they do everything."
Who's money was being spent? MLB's or the Nationals'? Who's responsible for ensuring that this money is well spent? The league or the team?

The correct answer would be, "Obviously I didn't do enough checking. I take responsibility. I apologize to the Lerners and to Nationals fans for wasting their time, money, and undermining their trust."

He needs ARod's crisis management team.


MikeHarris said...

He also needs a new job. That HAS to be head No. 1 to roll.
Could this be the straw that makes your blog title come true?

Sean Hogan said...

I might actually go as far as saying Rijo is dumber than Bowden.

Michael said...

It's totally pathetic. Plausible, sure, but it's pathetic regardless of if it is factually correct.

A-Rod may be many things, but a fool is not one of them. Crisis management team or not, he knew enough to shut his pie hole first, think, then answer a day later. Rijo is clearly a monumental boob.

I like and respect that (so far) the Learners and Kasten aren't firing anyone in a knee-jerk reaction, but it's hard to envision a reasonable (notice I didn't likely) scenario in which Rijo is still employed by the Nationals come this weekend.

Dave Nichols said...

you can bet if one of the Lerner’s real estate attorneys made a $1.4 million mistake they’d already be out on their ass. why the delay here?

Anonymous said...

>you can bet if one of the >Lerner’s real estate attorneys >made a $1.4 million mistake >they’d already be out on their >ass. why the delay here?

why the delay? probably becausethe FBI typically doesn't get involved in any of the Lerner's real estate transactions. This has the look, feel, and smell (mostly the smell) of being the next domino to fall in that little FBI scouting probe... I wonder if Jose Rijo will end up spending any of Ted Lerner's cash (not necessarily cash skimmed off Smiley's bonus) on a good lawyer?