Friday, February 6, 2009

Odalis Perez Returns... on a Minor League Deal?

Wow. This is good for the team, and as far as I'm concerned in a fair world Perez would start the spring as no less than the #2 man in the rotation. But how on earth does a 32-year-old pitcher coming off a season of 160 innings and 4.34 ERA get a minor league deal?

I'm sorry, this just doesn't make any sense. I understand the market is down, but if there isn't collusion happening, then I'm the man on the moon.

Look at how starting pitchers were valued last year. Josh Fogg got a major league deal. Shawn Chacon. Matt Clement. Mark Redman. Mark Hendrickson. Fangraphs estimates the value of Perez's 2008 performance at $6.6 million.

This is just a crazy, crazy market. But I'm glad Odalis is back. I look forward to him unseating Scott Olsen from the rotation.


John O'Connor said...

I'm also glas that Perez is back. He grows on you because he is a consummate professional. Putting aside throwing the ball, he fields his position well, can hit a little, and bunt, and, maybe most important, he put Chase Utley down after he took out Flores, but did it professionally without making a big deal about it. My seven-year-old daughter was thrilled he put Utley down, a player she now wants to see get hit every time he bats.

Hendo said...

If collusion were happening, wouldn't Sabathia and Lowe and K-Rod still be cooling their heels?

More likely the current environment represents a kind of karmic justice -- or, if you prefer, reversion to the mean -- after years of shelling out major-league multi-million$ to characters like Fogg.

Rich said...

You think they would leave Olsen out of the rotation for Perez? Why wouldn't they just delay Zimmermann's start until May to delay Arbitration? Or do you mean that Perez would be the "ace" as opposed to Olsen. If you can think of any of them as an ace.

I am very glad he was back, but he has a minor league contract, because he imploded in the second half of the year. Not as bad as Bergie, but it wasn't great either.

Steven said...

No I don't think there's any chance that Olsen isn't in the rotation at least to start. I think he SHOULD have to prove himself, since he hasn't done anything to prove he's any better than Lannan, Perez, Cabrera, Hill, or for that matter Mock, Bergmann or Balester. And I do think there's some chance that he will crap the bed so badly early on that he's chased from the rotation by June.

James Bjork said...

Up to now, I have not joined the collusion bandwagon. At what point does the new zeitgeist-- that free agent pay should somewhat reflect projected win shares (or pick your metric of actual player effectiveness)above a young cheap player on the rise-- become collusion.

So is it really collusion if GMs are all getting wise to how stupid it is to pay a past-his-prime former luminary $8-10 mil to hit .270 with 70 RBIs, when a rookie might come darn close to that for $400k?

That Perez would have to sign a minor league deal this cheap AGAIN, however, should certainly raise collusion eyebrows. This is because he was probably an ABOVE average performer. To be sure there has already been understated, mumbling assertions of it.

As Hendo alludes, the Sabathia, Lowe, and Texeira signings should provide ample cover for any formal allegations of collusion.

Makes me wonder how the owners actually managed to get nailed for collusion back in the early 90s. Did some GM's phone get tapped or something?

Steven said...

@hendo--there could be collusion and a couple instances of teams breaking ranks. I just don't see how 30 teams are unwilling to give Odalis Perez a major league salary.

Will said...

Does Perez have any health concerns?

People were calling "collusion" to why no one had signed Sheets yet, then all of a sudden he says he'll need surgery.

Steven said...

Certainly it's possible there are things we don't know. But let's say we know everything. Do you honestly believe that 30 teams were unwilling to guarantee him a MLB deal? Redding got over 2 mil, remember.