Sunday, March 1, 2009

The WaPo Blog Post that THEY Didn't Want you to See

Here, for posterity, is the Nationals Journal blog post from yesterday that was mysteriously removed. Let the wild speculation begin as to why this post was deemed unfit for pixel... Thanks to commenter atrovill for providing:
Where Art Thou?

Normally, Jim Bowden travels around Florida this time of year, watching his team. The Washington Nationals expected as much on Saturday, figuring they'd see Bowden slide into a choice seat at Roger Dean Stadium, in Jupiter, Fla., for the afternoon exhibition game against the Cardinals.

But Bowden never showed. In sane times, this would raise no questions whatsoever; the GM is perfectly entitled to skip a two-hour road trip.

These days, though, the no-show raises antennas.

After the game, in a new low for journalistic self-dignity, I drove to Space Coast Stadium. (In fact, I'm here right now.) Bowden's office is on the fourth floor, overlooking the first base side of the field. The door is open. But he's not there. And his car is not in the parking lot. What does that mean? Well, probably that his day is already over -- and not because Kasten ordered it to be.

I've heard from several sources that nothing went down today.

One guess: Bowden is probably watching the MLB Network at home right now.

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Hendo said...

Thanks for saving this from going down the memory hole -- which is the most ominous, and probably most ignored, risk of the Internet era of journalism.