Monday, March 2, 2009

The Dan Steinberg Interview

In case you didn't see it over at the Bog, Dan S. did a Q&A with me yesterday that went up this morning.


redcottageaudio said...

So Steve, once the champagne hang-over clears, any thoughts on the next GM?

Berndaddy said...

Steve you're one of the best reads in the Nationals blogisphere, please stay. As for an idea for the blog name how about PJB - Post Jim Bowden and it's a play off of PBJ. PJB could be like BC / AD and you could go into a PJB year 1, PJB-1 . It's corny I know but...there you go. Thanks for the read. Keep it going, please. I'll be reading...

James Bjork said...

I'm glad the blog got some more attention. The great thing about the blogosphere is that great content will ultimately get rewarded no matter what the "qualifications" of the writer. IMHO Steven's blog strikes the right balance between being a troll-like acidic critic, and being a syncophant to the management of the team.

This blog has eloquently and repeatedly made the sabermetric case that Bowden should be let go, and has served as a common focal point for a very small subset of fans to vent their opinions that Bowden should go.

I highly doubt, however, that even though Stan checks in here, that this blog really accounted for much if any of the decision for Bowden to be let go (er- step down). Steven is a smart man, and probably knows this.

There are 1.4 million other reasons to cut ties that are floating around Carribbean nation south of here (if not distributed to others as well), and 102 salient other reasons from last year.

If you do want to make a "mission accomplished post," Please rent a flight suit or photoshop your face atop a certain other face aboard an aircraft carrier!

Keep the content coming. We'll be reading!