Monday, March 16, 2009

Nationals Cut 11 More

From the Nationals, courtesy of NFA:
The Washington Nationals today re-assigned right-handed pitcher Josh Towers, catcher Gustavo Molina, infielders Freddie Bynum and Joel Guzman, and outfielder Jorge Padilla to minor league camp. The Nationals also optioned right-handed pitchers Tyler Clippard and Marco Estrada and outfielders Leonard Davis and Justin Maxwell to Triple-A Syracuse, and optioned right-handed pitcher Luis Atilano and infielder Ian Desmond to Double-A Harrisburg. Nationals Vice President of Baseball Operations and Assistant General Manager Mike Rizzo made these announcements.
Of this group, Marco Estrada is the only one who I would have thought might have had a chance to make the team, but he was only given 3 innings so far this spring (0 R, 0 H, 2 BB, 3 SO), so presumably the team didn't really consider him an option for the 25-man. I suspect we'll be seeing him down the road, however.


phil dunton said...

Marco Estrada pitched 12 innings of relief for the Nats last season, gave up 17 hits and 11 earned runs. I saw him pitch a couple of times and I concluded he was the worst relief pitcher I had ever seen. Why, in your wildest imagination, do you think he deserved a spot on the roster?

Steven said...

In 61 innings at columbus last year he had a FIP of 3.27, which translates to an MLE of 4.15.

Plus, I like that he's a groundball pitcher, which we have so few of.

Baseball America in their blurb on Estrada in the prospect handbook says he got all jacked up and messed up his mechanics in his brief call-up last year. I don't think it's fair to write him off based on 12 clunker innings.

Will said...

Really? The Nats see more value in Kip Wells or Gustavo Chacin than Josh Towers?

JayB said...

For the love of god Steven.......Did you not watch any baseball last year.....Marco Estrada would be at top out at AA before fading out of baseball on a team with a "functional" baseball operations side. Did you see an out pitch ever from him? He is not young and if he does not have a single pitch that could fool a MLB hitter.

Sometimes I think you just like to contrary to entertain yourself.

Steve Shoup said...

Whoa whats all the hate for Estrada and what Steven said about him?? I mean its not as though Steven said he should be our opening day starter or will be our Ace of the future. He only said that he might have had a chance to make the 25 man. And then defended his position by agreeing with BA and saying that we shouldn't judge Estrad on 12 innings. I think thats a completely fair assessment. Look Estrada could be a solid cheap middle reliever down the line for the Nats. He's never gonna win 10 games or save 30. But he's the type of pitcher who can be effective for 60-70 innings a year in middle relief.

JayB said...

Could I guess....I have been wrong before, but he sure did not show any pitch that would get you 70 innings of effective MLB pitching when I have seen him in person or on TV.

Steven said...

You don't go 61 innings in AAA with a 3.27 ERA if you're just a total bum.

Besides, we're talking about our #21 BA prospect. That's 9 spots ahead of Terrell Young, and above Josh Smoker, Colten Willems, Mike Hinckley, Luis Atilano, and Luke Montz.

Let's not dump him by the side of the road just yet, ok?

JayB said...

T there is a guy I like. I have watched him on bull pen sessions in camp and his stuff is the real deal. He seems to get it....He even told me he was just going to throw strikes and let them hit it, he even remembered the lead off walk he gave up...he said he is not going back to Reds and he is going to do what Randy wants.....I like strikes and his stuff....a good mix.