Monday, April 20, 2009

How Thoughtful!

I'm sitting here in Nationals Park ($5 tickets were still available 10 minutes before game time by the way), and because of the rain delay they just put the freaking Marlins up on the big screen. Oh yeah, I really want to look at those guys again. Thanks a lot Stan. Don't you have some video of my parents having sex or maybe Ted Lerner naked or something else that I'd much rather look at than this?

Not that there's a hockey game that people might be interested in or anything.


Mr. Mustache said...

Considering the new Mon-Thursday College student promotion, $5 tickets should be available 4 nights out of the week for sure.

Hendo said...

Yeah, they should've put the Caps on the big screen, except the NHL muckamucks would've be apt to get their pants in a bunch. Not Ted, probably, but not all the bulbs in hockey ownership shine as brightly as his.