Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JimBo Resurfaces

Thom Loverro has a column today updating us on the latest on Bowden. Evidently he's a part-time radio personality on a Los Angeles radio station.

Go ahead and read the column if you haven't already. It's typical Jim: some self-serving half-truths combined with a healthy dose of allegedly inside information that he's either making up or shouldn't be sharing.

He says we're definitely going to sign Strasburg, that the decision's already been made, though I sure hope someone checks to be sure he hasn't blown out his elbow before we make the pick. He even tells us the exact time and amount of the signing bonus. He says Mark Teixeira was offered more money and years than we'd previously been told, but doesn't say how much. He blames his boss for not signing Aaron Crow. He recounts a sorrowful tale of how he decided to resign his position for the good of the team. He recommends Steven Shell to the Angels, a team that knows a good deal more about building a pitching staff than Jim.

Whatever. Wanna know my reaction? I don't care. Truth be told, there's not one thing about Jim Bowden that's interesting to me now. He's predictable, inanely self-absorbed, and not terribly talented in any way that I can discern. I feel compelled given the legacy of this blog to comment on the latest Bowden news, but really who cares what Bowden has to say? I don't wish him ill, and if a radio station in LA thinks people want to listen to him talk about himself, fine. But I sure won't be tuning in.


JayB said...

I agree mostly but I still am made about the product that the Jimbo legacy puts on the field each night. It is better than last year, maybe not in record by it is easier to watch. Jorden Z is the real deal. Flores looks improved. Dunn is great to watch.
I know you have a personal hate for Olson but I think he is going to work out fine. I recall saying he will lead the team in innings pitched. His fastball hit 91 several times tonight....time will tell if your personal feelings blind you to his value.....much like what you accuse me of doing with Lastings.

Steven said...

Hmmm... I'm pretty sure it's spelled Olsen (and Jordan). If and when Olsen reaches replacement-level value, I'll acknowledge that. Right at the moment, he's riding high on a 6.23 ERA. I think he has some work to do to prove me wrong about his ability.

Trapper John said...

Olsen is pitching better than Cabrera, though!

JayB said...


"I'll acknowledge that" big of you.

JayB said...

VORP is how you value players? Not sure if sample size is the issue but your VORP numbers say that Saul R and DCab are both better than Olsen....enjoy your two I'll take Olsen based on what my eyes tell me.

Steven said...

Is your mom an option? Ugh!

Cheryl Nichols said...

Hey Steven.
Just hearing his voice makes my stomach turn, but here is the audio that goes along with Loverro's article from yesterday.