Friday, April 17, 2009

The Mighty Zim Now the Wealthy Zim?

Last year, the team offered Ryan Zimmerman a contract that was compared to the 6 year, $30 million contract signed by Troy Tulowitzki the previous off-season. Zimmerman let that junk go right on by.

Despite the declining economy and player salaries and the worst 2008 imaginable for Zim, the team is now reportedly offering him 5 years and $45 million, almost twice as much in annual salary.

I went on record last September saying that the team could and should get him for 6 years and $55-60 million. This fits in that range, one year less but the same annual salary, so I certainly like this move.

If this is true, it'll be interesting to hear why it's happening now, whether getting Bowden out of the negotiation was a factor, or if this is simply an extension of the increased willingness to spend that began with the Teixeira offer and the Dunn signing.

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Bote Man said...

If RZ wants the Nats to show him da moneeeeeey, he had best straighten up and fly right.

MLB TV just cut to the Nats game live after showing a replay of the Cody Ross HR that tied up the game. Zimm threw another crap-tastic throw that NJ had to dig out of the dirt to keep the Marlins in check. They even commented about that throw.

And Marlins radio informs of another bad throw by RZ while I was unable to listen that allowed Cantu aboard.

This is his healthy shoulder at work here? This is NOT quality defensive play, and the law of averages tells me that if he keeps making bad throws across the diamond then he will cost the Nats runs sooner or later.

"Face of the franchise" my a$$. Only if the franchise is in ruins.

I'm in no rush to sign him, he aint goin no damn where. Now Anderson Hernandez...he has my attention.