Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Natmosphere Fantasy Baseball League Week One

One week in the Natmosphere Fantasy Baseball League is in the books. Here's how everyone fared...

Hendo dropped his week one match-up with NNN Cheryl by the score of 9-5, as his pitching staff, led by Brandon Webb, B.J. Ryan, Brett Myers, Justin Verlander and the injured John Lackey fell apart totally en route to a 7.47 ERA. Cheryl also got a massive first week from Alfonso Soriano, enough to top solid performances by Hendo's Albert Pujols and Victor Marinez-led attack.

NNN Dave's squad led by Miggy Cabrera, Jake Peavy, and Carlos Zambrano barely edged out Kenny G. by the score of 8-5, mainly because Kenny's highly touted rotation of Tim Lincecum, Cole Hamels, and Cliff Lee all crapped the bed, ruining a great opening week by Evan Longoria.

In the week's closest match-up, Sean from DC Sports Plus nosed out commenter TJ by the score of 6-4 with a balanced offense led by Kevin Youkilis.

And my squad, led by Chase Utley, Chipper Jones, Yunel Escobar, and Kelly Johnson (can you guess my strategy?), took it to Kristen from We've Got Heart, 10-4. The WGH loyalty to the Nationals is a welcome addition to our fantasy league. When Anderson Hernandez, Jesus Flores, Adam Dunn, Emilio Bonifacio, Ryan Zimmerman, and John Lannan all heat up at the same time, Kristen's gonna rock.


Sean Hogan said...

FYI-commenter TJ has a blog:

kristen23 said...

Okay... My team in this league is having major issues. But I'm pleased to report that I learned my lesson and later drafted 3 much better teams that are doing much better than this debacle.

Steven said...

Kristen it's just week one! It's a shallow 8-team league, and you only lost one week. Don't give up!!

Rob B said...

My fantasy team had a horrible opening week, so I'm definitely no expert.
But the sad reality is that only three Nats have roster spots in my whole league, and it's a deep one. I have Dunn, and a couple other guys have Guzman and Zimm. Dukes chould get picked up now that Milledge has cleared the way for him to play everyday.
Pitchers? Hanrahan was the last one and he hit the waiver wire 3 days ago.
It's funny how stat-heavy of a game this is, that just by looking at a fantasy league one can get an idea how a team is doing on the real playing field.

Cheryl Nichols said...

Apparently my teams are better when I autodraft! LOL. I had a good first week, but you (FJB) are kicking my butt so far this week!

BettorFan said...

Teams are only good in autodraft for the first week. Then it's bye bye playoffs. - BettorFan