Friday, April 17, 2009

Why I Root for the Nationals

There were some moments in the last week when I must admit I started to wonder... why am I wasting my time on this team?? Well, here's why I'm still rooting for them, even after four years and one week of losing baseball.

When we have a winner, the District WILL go baseball crazy.

We don't have a congressman or a senator or the power to tax revenue at its source... the least we could do is kick some ass on the diamond.

Father's Day 2006.

The Mets, Cubs, and Phillies.

I was a baseball card-collecting junkie in the early 1980s, but by the time the Nationals came to DC, the only guy I'd ever heard of was Frank Robinson. The Nationals brought back my enjoyment of baseball.

As a life-long fan of the Green Bay Packers who lived through David Whitehurst, Randy Wright, Tony Mandarich... and
Brett Favre, I know that the good times will come, and when they do, how sweet it'll be.

Ryan Zimmerman, Elijah Dukes, and Nick Johnson.

Ten! In! A! Row!

The Red Sox and Yankees.

Charlie Slowes is pretty great.

Walter Johnson, Curt Flood, and Frank Howard.

I'm supposed to root for the Wiz? Please.

After 12 years, 6 addresses, 2 muggings, several hundred zucchini sticks at Hawk & Dove, 3 stolen bikes, 2 presidents met, countless wonderful hikes at Great Falls, meeting my wife on the 42 bus,
easily 150 hours logged schlepping back and forth to Dulles and BWI, and gobs of immeasurably invaluable baby advice from the MOTH list... DC is home.


Anonymous said...

-Flag Day 2005

-My grandfather telling me about sneaking into games when he was a kid to watch Walter Johnson pitch

-Being one of the 75 people in stands when Zimmerman hit a walk-off grand slam against the Marlins at 2 a.m.

-My uncle getting Mike Epstein's autograph when he could have had Ted Williams

-Every home opener

-Growing up having to sit in a car for 2 hours to see a team I didn't like play a game I loved. Now being able to walk 10 minutes to see a team that I love play that game.

-Falling in love with RFK all over again

Ned's Younger Brother said...

You forgot about the Red Porch - Bros love that!

JayB said...

with Willingham's role again enlarged with the "deletion" -- Mike Rizzo's word -- of Lastings Milledge....From Chico NJ Post today.

Rob B said...

No love for the 'Majik Man' in Green Bay?? Who btw went to the same University as our 3rd baseman.
And what a game last night...I know you can't judge anything based on one game but fuck me standing if that was the same team we saw that first week and a half.

JayB said...

It was not the same team....NO MILLEDGE....

Bote Man said...

Guy McGuffin - My grandfather telling me about sneaking into games when he was a kid to watch Walter Johnson pitchThat is pretty damned cool in my book.

I have to question, though, this whole "falling in love with RFK" thing. Please call a tank, a tank.


Bote Man said...
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