Saturday, May 16, 2009

Right Track / Wrong Track Results... And a New Poll!

This month's right track / wrong track poll saw fan optimism fall to 40%, though the poll was running at about 33% until the Zimmerman hit streak put people in a better mood. I'm frankly impressed that there are still 4 out of 10 of you feeling good. A hearty, resilient bunch, we Scats fans.

The new right track / wrong track poll is now open. The new poll will be up till June 15.


Sean Hogan said...

This may be just my interpretation of "right track," but I'm confused as to how many people fluctuate in this poll.

The Nats put themselves on the long-term "right track" when Bowden resigned (I refuse to believe he did it on his own terms). And they resigned Zimmerman. I don't see how recent performances, no matter how bad they have been, can balance these two things out.

Michael said...

If right/wrong track is going to so frequently re-polled, than the on the field performance has to play a major role.

The batting is on the right track, and is generally performing to the good side of what can realistically be achieved this season. The team's OPS is up over 100 points from the end of last year, and are 4th in the NL runs per game.

Unfortunately, the pitching is in the turlet. There's not a team in the NL who's offense scores more runs per game than we give up. Even so, the rookie starters have looked pretty damn impressive.

Overall, I'd have to the Nats are on the right track, but the destination is a ways (or two or three) away.