Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scouting Report: Nationals at Diamondbacks (5/10)

Not much time to chat today, with Mom's Day festivities. Here's my look at Arizona's game three starter and prediction. You can check out my preview of the series here for breakdowns on their hitters and bullpen.

On the Mound
Max Scherzer: The former Missouri Tiger and Ft. Worth Cat (the same path from college to indy ball before MLB taken by Aaron Crow) is a power arm with a mid-90s fastball and a plus slider. He also throws a change-up, mainly against opposite-handed hitters. If he can command the slider, he'll be tough. If he can't, then he'll be hittable.

He's also heterochromatic, meaning he has one brown eye and one blue eye.

Fearless Prediction
Season record: 18-10
D'Backs, 6-2.


Deacon Drake said...

"He's also heterochromatic, meaning he has one brown eye and one blue eye."

-I do not know how to use this information for gambling purposes.

Nate said...

Deacon, always bet on black.

Yup, still not helpful.

Jon said...

Steve, don't know if you just saw it, but Scott Olsen just showed us all why he lost velocity on his fastball... he holds it wrong, even his four seamer. He's holding it with his ring finger on the side of the ball. You can't do that. He has to hold his four seamer, even a two seamer, with only three fingers touching the ball: his fore finger, middle finger, and thumb. C'mon Randy! Someone get this 4th grade fundamental to him, please.

Steven said...

Huh. Interesting. I remember watching him in a game back when he was a rookie in Florida, and he got a base hit. They brought him a jacket, which he literally refused to wear. Sent the bat boy back to the dugout. The inning went on for a long time, and he was out there getting cold. Next inning, he had no command and his fastball was down like 2 mph--clearly he'd tightened up, exactly the reason pitchers wear jackets on the basepaths.

Moral of the story: don't discount the possibility that St. Claire tells him this every day and he simply believes he knows better.

Will said...


Gus said...

I agree Wil, surely it's time to send him out to pasture?

Steven said...

Damn good question. Logan Kensing too.